Afton MN Homes for Sale

A tiny town nestled along the scenic St. Croix River, Afton, MN is one of the more picturesque communities you’ll find in all of Washington County. Neatly situated on a small bay where Valley Creek and the St. Croix River connect, the wooded river bluffs combined with a classic small town ambiance certainly do enough to draw home buyers to the area alone, but in many ways, it’s the people and tight-knit community feel that really sets living in Afton apart from other nearby cities.

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Living in Afton

The village of Afton has a rich history that dates all the way back to the mid nineteenth century. Even back then, both visitors and locals alike appreciated the area’s stunning natural beauty, and after all these years, not much has changed. Afton’s historic main street, St. Croix Trail, still has uncommon charm and character that’s undoubtedly withstood the test of time, which is widely considered to be just one of the town’s many attractive characteristics. But even despite the quaint atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle felt here, Afton is still only a 20 minute drive to downtown St. Paul, which also makes it a convenient place to live in case you’re also wanting to enjoy a few big city amenities every now and then too.

Things To Do In Afton

Among other things, Afton is very well known for being the home of Afton Alps, a well known ski resort that’s labeled the largest in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Given the resort offers 300 skiable acres and has a total of 50 trails and 18 chairlifts, many also consider it one of the best places to ski or snowboard in the entire Midwest. In addition to the resort, Afton State Park is also a popular outdoor attraction that helps bring people to the area and drive the local tourism industry, not to mention help make Afton a fabulous place to call home for any true nature lover. Visitors to the park have access to hiking trails, camping and picnic areas, a beach, and of course plenty of spectacular views of the river and stunning nature preserves.

Afton Real Estate At a Glance

Although only around 3,000 people call Afton home, many new comers to the area are surprised at its diverse real estate market. Luxury single-family homes along the waterfront, moderately priced traditional ranch and two-story single-family homes, and often times a surprising amount of new construction all help shape the local housing market at any given time. There’s usually plenty of opportunities to buy land or a considerable amount of acreage in Afton as well, just in case you’re looking to build your dream home from the ground up or prefer to have a little extra space and privacy.