Bayport MN Homes for Sale

Conveniently located just one mile south of Stillwater, Bayport, MN is a small Washington County community that encompasses just 1.75 square miles. In its early beginnings, the Bayport community, as well as many of its neighbors, thrived on the lumber industry, which was only made possible because of the city’s rail lines that were first built back in the late 1800s. Today, Andersen Corporation, the primary successor to most of Bayport’s early lumbering companies, still has its headquarters here and is a major driving force behind the local economy.

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Living in Bayport

Downtown Bayport is about what you’d expect from a small town in Minnesota. The main drag, St. Croix Trail, features a few restaurants and cafes, and there’s also a Post Office and a few other service business around town as well. The majority of students living in Bayport attend the three primary public schools in the area: Stillwater Area High School, Oakland Jr. High, and Andersen Elementary. Despite the town’s small population, its close proximity to Stillwater, which sits only three miles to the north, still makes Bayport seem slightly bigger than it really is, but of course without sacrificing the small town flavor that many of its residents like about living here most.

Things To Do In Bayport

Like so many small towns in Washington County, Bayport is firmly entrenched along the St. Croix River, consequently making it a well known boating community with a rich boating history. In the early 1900s, The Bayport Boat Yard built some of the country’s best and most well-known steamboats, and was also a major manufacturer of barges around that same time period too. Today, however, things are different and Bayport is much more known for recreational boating rather than early boat manufacturing. Bayport Marina, which sits just south of the Andersen plant and almost right in the heart of downtown, is also a popular Bayport attraction and where many local boat owners access the river. In addition to its access point, the marina is also home to a restaurant and plenty of other additional amenities like a community swimming pool, sport courts, and plenty of picnic areas and park spaces.

Bayport Real Estate at a Glance

Home to right around 3,600 people as of 2013, the real estate market in Bayport can sometimes be a bit limited. Single-family homes, townhouses, and even a few small condominium complexes are all part of the local housing landscape, but the inventory of available properties can often be lacking in certain areas too. In general, homes for sale in Bayport are really quite affordable, with median home values in town almost always lower than the Washington County median value overall.