Summer Camps for Woodbury's Techy Kids

With only two months left before Woodbury schools let the kids go for the summer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep them busy for those almost-three months of “vacation.” Summer camp, if you can afford it, is one way to ensure your children are being cared for while they have some fun, learn something new or both.
One of the biggest trends in summer camping is the tech camp, where kids can learn everything from coding to game creation to animation. Sure, these camps aren’t for all children, but if your child has a passion for all things tech, or even just one thing, you can’t go wrong with some of the offerings in the Twin Cities.

You might be skeptical about sending your brood off to sit behind a computer for a week. Perhaps you shouldn’t be.
Even at a tech camp, the aims of summer camps remain unchanged. It’s still about discovering new talents, meeting new friends, and enjoying age-appropriate activities. Tech camps simply focus on different skills.
Tech is a broad field. There’s no way that children can learn it all in a week in the summer. Camps tend to
focus on one platform, skill or game – empowering children to learn as much as they can about a specific area.

Twin Cities’ tech camps offer children both day and overnight camps with kids and teen programs to provide age appropriate learning environments and lots of social activities with their peers. Just as you would expect, days include lessons, outdoor games, meals and extra fun nighttime activities for sleepover campers. Your children can choose from coding, game design, website development, apps, robotics, filmmaking and...