Stillwater Graduate to Be Appointed by Obama?

Denis McDonoughDenis McDonough, 43, a Stillwater, MN native, is being outright chosen by those ‘in the know’ to soon be appointed by President Barack Obama as the White House Chief of Staff. This Martin Luther King Day was also Obama’s inauguration after winning his second term this past November. With that victory comes the necessity to restock his cabinet for his new term.

Right now, McDonough currently works as Deputy National Security Advisor to Obama. He joined Obama’s Senate Staff in 2006 and was one of the President’s key advisors during his 2008 campaign for presidency. The Stillwater native has been with Obama and his team long enough to be trusted with such a key position.

McDonough graduated from Stillwater Area High School and also attended St. John’s University in Minnesota. After that, he achieved a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown. He currently calls Maryland home.

The official selection will not be made for a couple of days, but reading the tea leaves it appears as if McDonough will be the pick. If would be quite a surprise if the Stillwater graduate is not chosen.

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