Buying in Washington County

When working with the Barker Hedges Group as a Washington County home buyer, our approach is really quite simple: to get you the best possible deal that fits all your needs and wants from both a lifestyle and budget standpoint. Our team is about much more than simply showing you several homes and letting you choose which one might be the right fit. Instead, we take time to listen to your questions, understand your needs, and walk you through the entire home buying process from beginning to end. We’ll help you establish your goals, explain the complex financial matters associated with purchasing a home, and make you feel comfortable not only with us as your real estate professionals, but also with whatever decision you ultimately end up making.

The Barker Hedges Approach to Working With You, The Home Buyer:

Earning Your Trust

Chances are there are many qualified real estate agents in Washington County who can get the job done at a reasonably high level. But we have higher exceptions for ourselves and how we do business. We want you to feel comfortable in both us and our abilities to not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them. From behind the scenes, we’re working diligently to recruit and train our agents to have a genuine interest in helping our clients with whatever home buying needs they may have.  When you combine our passion for working in real estate with our unparalleled sales and negotiating skills, it’s hard to top what the Barker Hedges Group can bring to the table.

Getting Acquainted

In order to fully understand what your needs are, we give all our clients a proprietary questionnaire that gives us a better idea of what you’re looking for in a new home. From there, we’ll use our extensive knowledge of the Washington County real estate market to help provide you with some insight as to what direction we might take next while also giving you a quick overview of the entire home buying process. And then comes the fun part—looking at homes that align with all your needs, wants, and demands!

Making An Offer And Saving You Money

Prior to making an offer, our goal is to provide clients with as much knowledge as possible regarding market conditions, recently sold comparable properties, and common pitfalls involved with real estate transactions. Giving you a full market analysis will help you become an educated home buyer, and an educated home buyer is a home buyer who often SAVES MONEY! We’ll also help you compare good faith estimates from home lenders, as well as assist you in facilitating a home inspection so you understand the costs associated with possible home repairs.

Ensuring a Smooth Transaction

There’s a lot of moving pieces to buying a Washington County home. A typical real estate transaction includes a title company, a loan officer, a loan processor, a loan underwriter, a closing processor, a home seller, an appraiser, a seller’s mortgage company, and likely even a few more people along the way. But our team and complete support staff is here to help guide you through the entire process, ensuring a high standard of service that you won’t find just anywhere.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

Buying a home is usually a fun and exciting experience, but at some point, chances are you’re going to have to sell that home eventually. And we’d like to think we’ll still be there for you. So along with helping you secure the home of your dreams, we’re also happy to share our expertise in market trends, re-financing, when to re-model, and what type of homes are currently yielding the best return on your investment so that when you are ready to sell, you’ll be fully prepared for whatever lies ahead.