Denmark Township MN Homes for Sale

Denmark Township is located just east of Cottage Grove, MN in Washington County almost directly where the Mississippi River and St. Croix River branch off into two separate waterways. Although Denmark Township encompasses over 30 square miles, only around 1,500 people call it home, making much of the area largely open and rural. But that’s not to say there isn’t a lot here. In fact, for nature lovers and anybody who enjoys being outdoors, there may be no better place in the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area to consider for your next home than somewhere right here in beautiful Denmark Township.

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Living in Denmark Township

Given Denmark Township sits right alongside the St. Croix River, it’s easy to see the pure natural beauty of the area, especially along the riverfront. Both the Afton Alps Ski Area, St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park, and Afton State Park are located within Denmark Township, providing locals with with easy access to three of the most frequently visited outdoor attractions in the entire region. On the township’s interior, however, much of the terrain is open, hilly, and rural, with plenty of mature forests also scattered throughout. Depending on where you’re located in Denmark Township, getting to and from both St. Paul and Minneapolis is easier than you might expect given there’s so many roads that directly, or in indirectly, connect to Highway 10. And although not technically in Denmark Township, Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park and the River Oaks Golf Course are also just outside its boundaries along Highway 10 a bit closer to Cottage Grove.

Denmark Township Real Estate at a Glance

The most obvious attraction to home buyers considering a move to Denmark Township is all the open space and privacy many of the homes here provide. For farmers wanting a somewhat close proximity to the city, few options are better than what you may find somewhere around Denmark Township. Similarly, for home buyers who aren’t necessarily looking to farm but just want to enjoy the calm rural atmosphere that surrounds this beautiful part of eastern Minnesota, single-family homes with more than enough open land or acreage are a significant part of the real estate landscape all throughout the Denmark Township area. Although it’s worth noting that finding something available on the open market is an entirely different story. At most, you may find a handful of home listings on the MLS at any given time, which mostly relates to the low population density here. So if you are lucky enough to find something you like, it’s always best to move quickly, as you never know how long it’ll last!