Lake St. Croix Beach MN Homes for Sale

Lake St. Croix Beach is a tiny town neatly situated in Washington County, Minnesota. And when we say “tiny”, we really do mean it, as the total area of Lake St. Croix Beach only stretches about 0.99 square miles (of which only just over half is land). Despite its small area though, most new comers are actually quite surprised at just how much is crammed into this small, yet very desirable, waterfront community. The heart of downtown Lake St. Croix Beach mostly consists of just one main drag, St. Croix Trail, which is where you’ll find a few restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores. Immediately south of Lake St. Croix Beach is St. Mary’s Point, which is also a small Washington County town similar in size. In some ways, Lake St. Croix Beach and St. Mary’s almost act as one combined community, allowing each to feel slightly bigger than what it actually is. But aside from what you’ll find along St. Croix Trail—in both communities—most of the remaining area is primarily residential.

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Living in Lake St. Croix Beach

Most potential home buyers who aren’t already living somewhere in the immediate area are initially drawn to Lake St. Croix Beach for its optimal location right off the shores of the St. Croix River. Combining a heavily wooded landscape with a gorgeous waterfront, it’s easy to see the appeal of living here, especially if you’re lucky enough to find and secure a home on the river. But even Lake St. Croix Beach’s interior homes have plenty of desirability as there’s just something unique about the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle that seems to consume everybody who calls this one-of-a-kind place home.

Lake St. Croix Beach Real Estate at a Glance

In terms of housing specifics in Lake St. Croix Beach, riverfront homes here are highly sought after by just about anybody browsing the local real estate market. But of course they’re also usually among the city’s most expensive properties as well. Nearly every house on the water has its own private dock to accommodate fishing boats or small speed boats, which is usually one of the biggest attractions behind such properties. But because only about 1,000 people call Lake St. Croix Beach home, don’t expect to find an overwhelming inventory of available homes for sale. At most, just a handful of properties will be listed on the market at any given time, so if you happen to see something you like and you’re ready to make your move, act fast because you never know how long a home, condo, or townhouse in Lake St. Croix Beach will last on the a market!