Lakeland Shores MN Homes for Sale

A small riverfront town that in many ways just blends right into the neighboring Lakeland community, the city of Lakeland Shores lies right on the west bank of the stunning St. Croix River. Almost entirely residential, the atmosphere around Lakeland Shores strongly resembles that of a sleepy lake town, which tends to be what draws many eventual home buyers to the area most.

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Living in Lakeland Shores

Home to just over 300 people, Lakeland Shores really is one of Washington County’s smallest communities. But given its location on the river and seemingly right in the heart of the Lower St. Croix Valley, there’s still plenty to see and do here even despite its size limitations. All along St. Croix Trail, which really acts as the only busy road in town, is where you’ll find a few restaurants and small businesses, although anything on the west side of the street is technically part of Lakeland. On the town’s south side right at 4th Street and St. Croix Trail is a small commercial corridor that has the local post office, a library, and a few other businesses and restaurants as well.

Lakeland Shores Real Estate at a Glance

For anybody living in Lakeland Shores, the lifestyle is really all about being on the water. Homes for sale on the St. Croix River are extremely desirable and are also some of the most expensive properties you’ll find in town. The views, to no surprise, are absolutely incredible and most even come equipped with a private dock that fully allows home owners to enjoy boating, fishing, and everything else that coincides with living in a waterfront home here in Washington County, Minnesota.

With a population of just 300, however, there’s also some limitations when it comes to active homes on the market. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Lakeland Shores only has a total area of around 0.73 square miles, often making it challenging to find a home that fits all your needs and wants. But when moving to a community like Lakeland Shores, it’s more about the location, the close proximity to the water, and the overall community atmosphere than anything else, so sometimes making a sacrifice here or there really isn’t that big of a deal. Single-family homes tend to dominate the Lakeland Shores real estate market, but the variety is actually a bit more diverse than you may think. Ranch style homes, traditional two-stories, quaint little cottages, and even a few newer construction homes are all part of the local Lakeland Shores housing landscape, so if you’re considering a move to the area, chances are there’s something here you’ll like, but whether or not it’s available is a whole different story!