Lakeland MN Homes for Sale

Nestled along the banks of the beautiful St. Croix River in the Lower St. Croix Valley, Lakeland, MN is a quiet residential community that provides residents with undeniable appeal and desirability. Because Interstate 94 runs through Lakeland’s far north side, most people don’t mind its location about 20 miles east of St. Paul. In fact, because of the interstate, most commuters can get to and from downtown St. Paul in only about 20 to 30 minutes on most days, which is pretty typical from any suburb or small town surrounding the Twin Cities.

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Living in Lakeland

The lifestyle in Lakeland is fairly laid back and relaxed for the most part. Most residents spend a lot of their time out on the water in the summertime boating, fishing, and just enjoying the hilly wooded landscape that surrounds this beautiful part of Washington County. Like a number of communities along the St. Croix River, Lakeland really doesn’t have a traditional downtown with a walkable main street. Instead, many of the restaurants, stores or service businesses you’ll find in town are spread out along St. Croix Trail, which primarily acts as Lakeland’s main north/south thoroughfare.

Recent population stats show Lakeland has around 1,800 residents throughout its 2.93 square miles. Nearby cities include Hudson, which is across the St. Croix River in Wisconsin; Lakeland Shores, which is wedged in between the north and south parts of Lakeland; and Lake St. Croix Beach and St. Mary’s Point, which are only a few miles south and also along St. Croix Trail.

Lakeland Real Estate at a Glance

Housing in the Lakeland area largely consists of single-family homes that vary in size, style, and design. For home buyers looking for a newer construction home or something completely turn-key, finding a house that meets all your needs and wants shouldn’t be too difficult as long as your budget starts somewhere the mid $300s. Given Lakeland sits right alongside the water, there’s also a fairly sizable amount of cottage-style homes scattered throughout the area that have plenty of charm and character, not to mention listing prices that are slightly more affordable.

Luxury Living in Lakeland

Among the most expensive homes in Lakeland are easily the properties that sit on the waterfront. In fact, many such homes often include private docks in addition to fabulous living spaces that won’t disappoint, which is perfect for any boating or water sports enthusiast. But if you’re considering a move to Lakeland and specifically want something on the riverfront, be prepared to spend! Smaller three bedroom, three bathrooms homes along the water usually start in the upper $300s (sometimes more), while larger homes with considerably more living space and a couple extra bedrooms can reach or even exceed $800,000.