May Township MN Homes for Sale

May Township in Washington County, MN covers a large area that sits right around 30 miles north east of downtown St. Paul. Organized back in 1893 and named for the English settler Morgan May, most view May Township as a quiet and rural part of the county that’s filled with small lakes and a classic country atmosphere.

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Living in May Township

The entire May Township covers about 37.6 square miles and within its boundaries, right around 3,000 people call it home. Arcola and Maple Island, both unincorporated communities, are each located within May Township, but aside from that, you’ll mostly just find an abundance of country residences and a few relatively newer housing developments scattered throughout the area. Most people who live in May Township love its openness, which seems worlds away from all the hustle and bustle that’s associated with the nearby Twin Cities. Anybody who loves to fish, hunt, or just enjoy being outside will love living in or around May Township, especially in the summertime when all the lakes and small waterways are buzzing with activity.

May Township Real Estate at a Glance

Like many rural communities, lot sizes in May Township are often quite large, with some homes including 10 or more acres. Land is also a big part of the May Township real estate market and it’s not terribly uncommon to find upwards of 40+ acres up for sale at any given time. Depending on where you live or where you’re looking, most homes for sale in May Township are part of either the Forest Lake Public School District or the Stillwater School District, which tends to be for homes located on the eastern portion of the township closer to the St. Croix River.

It probably goes without saying, but if you’re looking for an attached living space such as a condo or townhouse, May Township, MN might not be the best place to begin your search. Land, farms, and single-family homes basically make up the entire local housing market, and there really aren’t many commercial opportunities here either. Somewhere around the larger bodies of water like the St. Croix River, Big Marine Lake, and Big Carnelian Lake are where some of the area’s most expensive homes are found, but of course properties with lots of land included are also among the most expensive and most sought after when it comes to real estate in May Township.