Oak Park Heights MN Homes for Sale

A small Washington County community that’s nestled directly in between Bayport and Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, MN offers potential home buyers an optimal location that’s close to everything you’ll ever need in a new place to live. Originally just called Oak Park when the city was first established back in 1857, Oak Park Heights is one of those small Minnesota towns that has a rich history that’s been well preserved over the years and still quite relevant even today. Both the 1932 Log Cabin restaurant and the 1939 Stillwater Overlook have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, which are still currently two of the town’s most popular attractions. The Stillwater Overlook is situated just south of the city and its limestone structure acts as the perfect lookout point to capture the incredible natural beauty of the St. Croix River Valley. In the case of the Log Cabin restaurant, which has since been re-named Phil's Tara Hideaway, legend has it that this well-known establishment initially opened to serve illegal alcohol during prohibition while also harboring some of the region’s most notorious gangsters at the same time.

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Living in Oak Park Heights

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Oak Park Heights has a total area of about 3.03 square miles and a population of right around 5,000 people. Although it’s location along the St. Croix River might make it seem more desirable to potential home buyers considering a move to the area, Oak Park Heights doesn’t actually have a sprawling riverfront like many other towns in Washington County. Furthermore, what little riverfront property is a part of the Oak Park Heights community mostly belongs to the local power plant, making riverfront real estate much less common than you might think. Located just outside of town is also the Minnesota Correctional Facility - Oak Park Heights, which currently acts as the state’s only Level Five maximum security prison. Because of Oak Park Heights’ close proximity to Stillwater, many often blend the two cities together and residents will often be the first to tell you that living in one or the other largely feels that way too. The Stillwater Area High School is part of the Oak Park Heights community and is actually billed as the oldest high school in the entire state of Minnesota.

Oak Park Heights Real Estate at a Glance

With a median home value that’s usually below the county’s overall medium home value, there’s something to be said for the affordability of homes for sale in Oak Park Heights. A community that also has a substantial variety of housing and property-types, Oak Park Heights is a great location to consider for condo/townhouse buyers or those looking for a detached single-family home alike. Most condos or attached living spaces in Oak Park Heights usually start in the mid $100s and go up from there, while single-family homes in town usually price anywhere from $175,000 all the way up to $600,000 depending of course on the amount of living space, the location, and other key features that relate to the property.