West Lakeland Township MN Homes for Sale

Bordered by Interstate 94 to the south, Manning Avenue to the west, 30th Street to the north, and the St. Croix River mostly to the east, West Lakeland Township is a rural township in Washington County, Minnesota that is actually more populated than you may think. In all, right around 3,600 people call West Lakeland Township home and that number seemingly continues to grow every time you turn around. But given it covers a whole lot of area, 12.6 square miles to be exact, its population density really shouldn’t be terrible surprising, especially give its location along the water.

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Living in West Lakeland Township

Aside from Interstate 94, West Lakeland Township has two other main roadways in Minnesota State Highway 95 and Manning Avenue, which of course acts as the township’s western boundary line. The community was originally organized and made official back in 1950 and since then, not a whole lot has changed other than just more homes being built. There really isn’t much here in terms of commercial development, although the Stone Ride Golf Course does happen to be located within West Lake Township, right along Interstate 94 near the Manning Avenue exit. It’s about here you’ll also find a gas station and a couple other businesses as well, but there really isn’t much else when it comes to things to do or places to work.

West Lakeland Township Real Estate at a Glance

If you’re thinking about moving to West Lakeland Township and still want to enjoy all the benefits of a larger city like St. Paul or Minneapolis, looking for a place on the west side of the township should certainly make that need feasible. On most days, the Interstate will have you to St. Paul in only about 30 minutes, or even sometimes shorter if you live close to the highway near the western border. Farms and farmland generally fill the West Lakeland interior and there’s also an abundance of older historic homes here that are loaded with character, charm, and all sorts of desirability.

Larger newer construction homes for sale in West Lakeland Township tend to start right around $500,000, but along with tons of living space and of course newer interior finishes, most also include lots of private land and open space as well. Smaller entry level single-family in West Lakeland Township are also quite prevalent on the local real estate market and list anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 in most cases. To the surprise of some home buyers new to the area, West Lakeland Township also features quite the variety of luxury homes as well, with some easily exceeding one or two million dollars.